State Governor & Deputy Governor Salary in Nigeria | 2020

A state governor in Nigeria is one who is elected by electorates in an organized election which is conducted in the stat. The then elected governor takes charge of the state and also manages the state affairs together with his deputy governor. To become a Nigerian governor, there are some requirements as prescribed by the Nigerian constitution and they are:

  • Must be a Nigerian by birth
  • Must not be younger than 35 years as of time of contesting.
  • Must be a registered member of any political party approved by INEC
  • The elected governor is entitled to a four year tenure and can be re-elected for another four years.

The state government in each state is responsible for providing accommodation for each of the governors and deputy governors elected in their states. The state government also provides furnitures and household appliances for their houses.

The basic salary of a Nigerian governor is slated at N2.22 million, their deputies earn N2.11 million while the state Commissioners earn about N1.33 million every month. The RMAFC is a guideline or body which is in charge of the payment of all public officers salaries.

In the RMAFC, Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission which became effective since 1st July, 2009. It is stated that, the estacode and Duty Tour Allowances would be made available to the state governors each time they requests for it.

State Governor Salary in Nigeria

Below is the full breakdown of the allowances and salaries of the state governor and their deputies in Nigeria:

Basic salary = N2,223,705

Leave allowance = N222,370.50

Vehicle loan = 400% of annual basic salary.

End of tenure gratuity = N6,671,115

Total salary = N11,540,896

Deputy Governor Salary in Nigeria

The deputy governor is the second citizen in the state after the state governor and he earns a little bit lower than the annual salary of the state governor. He receives N10,772,296 as salary per annum.

Breakdown of the deputy state governor salary and allowances:

Basic salary = N2,112,215

Vehicle loan = N8,448,860

Annual leave allowance = N211,221.50.

Aside from the amounts outlined above and as it is contained in the RMAFC, the commission does not set any kind of limit to the amount of estacode and duty tour allowances the governors can receive.  The estacode are the allowances given to the governors in foreign currencies when they go on foreign trips or duty tour.

The governor is therefore, free to take any amount from the state coffers as remuneration for estacodes when on these foreign trips. The amount the governor can collect as Duty Tour allowance for any of his local tours is also not stated in the RMAFC package.

This is the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) that sheds more light on governors spending in the country. Unfortunately, RMAFC did not set any limit to the allowance of the governor on foreign trips made from the state account. This refers to the duty tour allowance for local trips which is given on request by the sitting governor of the state.

Each of the 36 states also bears the medical expenses of the governor an his deputy throughout their tenure. If a governor completes his tenure successfully, he will be given N6,671,115 as his severance gratuity.

A deputy governor of a state on the other hand, is given a total of N10, 772,296 as his annual salary. The annual basic salary of the deputy governor is N2,112,215. He also receives N8,448,860 as his vehicle loan. His annual leave is a total of N211,221.50. The state government is responsible for the furniture and accommodation of the deputy governor throughout his or her tenure.

Also the medical bill of the state governor and the deputy state governor is footed by the state government. He can be given any amount as foreign currency when he embarks on any foreign trip and he can also be given any amount he requests when he goes on local tour.

According to the RMAFC, which started in 2009, it approves earnings accrued to public office holders, a state governor is entitled to 400% of his annual basic salary which is N8,894,820.00 which serves as allowances for maintenance of his vehicles. Aside the basic salaries of the state governors other allowances are also given such as the maintenance allowance, there are also other entitlement accrued to the governor’s office for accommodation and furniture. All these allowances are dully provided by the state government.

The deputy governor also enjoys accommodation and furniture allowance just as the governor which is dully provided for by the state government as well as medical bills. No limit is set also for foreign trips. It has been debated that given the present economic challenges facing the country, the salary of the Governors is still high and needs to be reduced since they still receive other allowances.

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