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The automobile market has continued to grow and among the popular brands available is Lexus. This is one brand that has stamped its ground since its establishment. This is not surprising as many users of the brand say it’s reliable and dependable.

Over the years, there are have been different Lexus models and among this is the Lexus ES series. The first ES series model was produced in 1989. Since then, there has been an improvement in each new model. Little wonder why they are widely accepted in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

In 1992, the Lexus ES300 was launched after several models under the ES series. Its compact design, V6 engine that allows for smooth operation, proper handling make it one of the most sought after cars. In 2003, there was a halt in production that saw an end to the ES300 series. However, it was replaced with the Lexus ES330. The ES330 also lasted for 4 years before it was replaced with the Lexus ES350 in 2017.

The truth is, the Lexus ES series has been successful in Nigeria over the years and people still patronize them because of its consistency, top quality and impeccable durability. Hence, we are going to consider the prices for a brand new, foreign version and locally used versions of the different ES series mentioned above.

The Lexus ES300 was launched in 1992, succeeding a series of ES models. This Lexus model became popular in various parts of the world, including Nigeria. With its compact design, this vehicle boasts of a V6 engine that ensures smooth operation, proper handling and efficiency.

The halt in its production in 2003 did not necessarily put an end to the ES family. Lexus ES330 took its place and did in audacious manner. Although they both feature V6 engine, ES330 has a more powerful and overall better performance. The production of ES330 lasted about 4 years before being replaced by another topnotch sedan, ES350 in 2007.

Lexus ES300 Price in Nigeria

As mentioned earlier, this series launched in 1992 and lasted until its last production in 2003. For the 12 year run, it remained a household in the automobile market in Nigeria. It is important to note that there are no brand new models of the ES300. However, you can still get the foreign used or locally used.

The final generation of ES300 lasted only two years, between 2002 and 2003, boasting a more powerful V6 engine and more comfortable interior. The model features 16-inch alloy wheels, a moon-roof, climate control, power adjustable front seats and side curtain airbags. The model also has its comfortable seats, low step-in height and brilliant outward visibility to thank for its popularity and positive reviews. The Lexus ES family continue to be trendy with the original ES300 being successfully replaced by 330 and 350.

Foreign used (Tokunbo) Lexus ES300 Prices in Nigeria

  • 2000 – 2003: 2 million – 2.5 million naira

Nigerian (Locally) Used Lexus ES300 Prices in Nigeria

  • 2000 – 2003: 1.2 million – 2 million naira

Lexus ES330 Price in Nigeria

Replacing the ES300 wasn’t going to be easy but the ES330 proved the unending creativity and dedication to quality of Lexus. The ES330 termed “soft” had aggressive and commanding look compared to the ES300. With its first model in 2004, it became an instant success in the market. The Lexus, when compared to the ES300, boasts of better general safety and new features which include side curtain airbags, larger side airbags as well as a tire-pressure monitor.

Lexus ES330 boasts of a better general safety, with new features that include side curtain airbags, larger side airbags, and a tire pressure monitor. Production of this model stopped in 2006, with its last model bringing power model support for passenger in front and still maintains its high quality overall experience.

The last production of this model was in 2006. Hence, it is expected that you cannot find a brand new of this model. However, you can still get the foreign used or locally used model of the Lexus ES330. Check below for the price of Lexus ES330 in Nigeria:

Foreign used Lexus ES330 prices in Nigeria

  • 2004 – 2006: 2.3 million – 3.2 million naira

Nigerian (Locally) Used Lexus ES330 in Nigeria

  • 2003 – 2006: 1.6 million – 2.4 million naira

Lexus ES350 Price in Nigeria

According to many reviews, the Lexus ES350 is arguably the most complete as well as the strongest of all the ES series. Since the model debut, it has been the delight of everyone who has used it. Thanks to its user-friendly features, flexibility, reliability, spacious interior and comfortable rides.

This comfortable luxury midsize sedan, like its predecessors, is roomy, comfortable, rugged, quite on the road and efficient. The latest ES350 model debuted in 2016, totally repackaged with newer features. The operation and riding is generally smooth and standard. Despite is lovely powerful engine, the car is quiet on the road and assures comfort. The exterior design is topnotch and has been generally embraced by car lovers all over the world. ES350 is till date, one of the most successful and most sold Lexus vehicles.

The Lexus ES350, to date, is also considered the most sold and successful Lexus vehicle. Like other Lexus models, it is rugged, spacious and smooth on the road. The exterior aside from the interior is another reason you will fall in love with the Lexus ES350. And unlike the other two from the ES series – ES300 and ES330, the Lexus ES350 is the latest of the ES series and is still being produced. The brand new model can be purchased between 25million – 30 million naira.

Foreign Used Lexus ES350 Prices in Nigeria

  • 2007 – 2011: 3.5 million – 6.5 million naira
  • 2012 – 2016: 7 million – 13 million naira

Nigerian Used Lexus ES350 Prices in Nigeria

  • 2007 -2011: 2 million – 5.5 million naira
  • 2012 – 2016: 5 million – 10 million naira

The difference in all the prices listed is because of some of the following factors; currency exchange rate, custom clearance charges, condition of the vehicle (for locally used versions) and year of production.

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