Ladies Motorcycle Price in Nigeria (Updated 2020)

Ladies motorcycle are the new thing, while motorcycles are popularly attribute to men, It may interest you to know that women have also caught up to the trend and if you still think otherwise, you are still in the 19th century. It is previously assumed that riding of motorcycles was for men but everything has changed today.

According to an unpopular report, out of every 20 motorcycle rider, 2 are ladies. While this may not be applicable to Nigeria, it still does not dispute the fact that women are catching up to the bike riding frenzy.

Bike riding in Nigeria is another form of road transportation, it also serve as a form of daily exercise especially to women riders. With this growing interest, it is not surprising while companies came up with the ladies motorcycle or bike because unlike cars, there are some factors to be considered for something to be customized to women.

Men’s motorcycle require more energy and control which makes them stronger, bigger and heavier than the average female bike. To suit the needs of the ladies stature and strength, a smaller, cuter and control efficient bike called ladies motorcycle had to be created. This bike is designed specifically to women.

It took some time for Nigerians to accept the idea of ladies of motorcycle, but they have fully embraced them today. While they are not the most sought after bikes because of the sex targeted, they still stand tall among the okada and power bikes around the market.

They come in variations of color with the perfect feminine touch to suit and appeal to any woman. They tend to be smaller and more stylish because the makers put in the considerable effort to make them very smooth to ensure comfortable riding.

The huge demand for ladies motorbikes has forced the bike manufacturers to make more targeted at women. There are several models, notable among them are several models of 100cc bikes for women exclusively for over 6 years.

This article will give you a well-informed information about notable features of these bikes looking at the different types of ladies motorcycles in the market today.

Ladies Motorcycle Price in Nigeria Market

Ladies bikes are not exactly the kinds of bike you randomly see every day. Their rate of demand in this part of the world is not as high and are therefore quite limited in the market.

Only few brands manufacture and import these bikes into the country. They come in different sizes, designs, colours, qualities and of course, prices. They also vary in features, quality, fuel mileage and general performance.

On the average, a brand new ladies bike can be gotten for between N280,000 – N400,000. This definitely does not include power bikes. The variation in the price depends on the brand, model, features and time and location of purchase.

Brand new ladies’ bikes are undoubtedly the best option for any lady that wants to get a bike. Because of the durability and ruggedness of bikes generally though, buying a neatly used version of the bike is not a bad idea. Provided the bike is in good physical and operational state, you can expect it to deliver at almost the same efficiency as the brand new version. Here are prices of some popular brands of ladies bikes.

Sinoki Supra N100, 000 – N120, 000 Buy Now
Qlink Target N150,000 – N200,000 Buy Now
Jincheng Ladies Bike N120, 000 – N170, 000 Buy Now

On the average, fairly used ladies bike in Nigeria can be purchased between N80,000 – N200, 000 depending on the state of the bike.

Price of  Ladies Motorcycle Consideration

Picking a lady’s motorcycle to purchase is a very delicate decision to make and with various options available in the market, it only gets harder. Ladies bikes are available in different sizes, designs, colours and slight vary in features. It is not just about picking a motorcycle, but picking the motorcycle that meets your need. Here are some points to consider when picking a lady’s motorcycle.

  • Consider the height of the seat: You need to be comfortable on your bike and the main factor that will determine that is the height of the bike. In general, cruisers have low seat heights but usually, the seats are wide, and the bikes are heavy. You can also consider adventure-style bikes in this regard.
  • Consider the CC: The cc of the bike will matter when buying a motor cycle. If you are looking for something simple and economical, then you should stick to 100cc bikes. The advantage of this is that they are cheaper, and you get to save on gas significantly. In addition, bikes with lower cc are much easier to drive, control and maintain, which is highly suitable for a lady.
  • Consider your Budget: Prices of ladies bikes vary. Some are cheap and some others are relatively expensive. Know how much you are ready to spend and go for a bike within the range. Whether N100,000 or N500,000, you will always get a nice lady’s bike.
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