Kenwood Blender Price in Nigeria (Updated 2020)

Kenwood Blenders are no doubt among the essential appliances you will find in a modern kitchen. Cooking can become tedious when the right kitchen tools are not in place. A blender helps you prepare your ingredients with ease and in a much faster way. Aside from the convenience, you also get to decide how you want your own smoothies or baby food.

The importance of blenders in the kitchen cannot be overemphasized. Hence, there are several manufacturers in the blender industry.­­­ Blenders are basically categorized into two; wet and dry blenders.

As the names suggest, the Wet blender is often used to grind fruits, vegetables or foods that contain water e.g. onions, tomatoes, beans, pineapple, etc. The Dry blender, on the other hand, is used to grind foods that don’t contain water e.g. crayfish, coffee beans, egusi, nuts, ogbono seeds etc.

Despite the increasing number of manufacturers and different products, some blenders (products) have become household names. One of the names you will come across when shopping for blenders is Kenwood.

Kenwood Blender Price in Nigeria

Shopping for the perfect kitchen appliance can sometimes be tasking, especially if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the product. For most people, especially women, it is not just about buying any type of appliance, they ensure the best quality.

As for blenders, you definitely want to ensure you are buying the right one. It saves you more money from repairs or actually buying a new one. This is why the top brands are hard and expensive to get. Some of these brands in Nigeria include LG, Scanfrost, Binatone, Kenwood etc. Over the years, because of the exchange rate of dollar to naira, some of these brands have become very expensive. While the maintenance of some of these brands are expensive, and get damaged easily, Kenwood has over the years remained relevant in the kitchen appliance industry.

Kenwood blenders are very affordable when compared to other brands, and durable; because they rarely get spoiled.

Kenwood blenders are easy to use and very efficient when blending your spices effortlessly. It is why many people love the Kenwood brand, hence dominating the market.

Like every other brand, there are different types of Kenwood blenders in Nigeria. This review is to help identify the various types and what makes them stand out from the rest in the market.

Kenwood Blender Reviews

Kenwood Blender 1.5l – BL440a

The truth is, blenders are a must have in every kitchen. For some, their blenders are always on standby to perform daily cooking tasks, while some use blenders occasionally or for “special meals”. The Kenwood Blender BL440A is built for everyday tasks. It has a 500W motor with 2 speeds plus pulse.

The BL440A – 1.5 litre goblet has graduated markings on the side for right or left handed usage. It comes with a removable filler cap with oil drip feed that makes it very easy for ingredients to be added to mayonnaise without stopping the blender.

It also comes with a handy pouring sprout. The unique design of the BL440A also makes it a must have (or should have) in the kitchen. This blender comes with a mill attachment (more like a blender cup) with a storage lid and sprinkler cap that makes it the perfect blender for grinding nuts, herbs, coffee, beans etc.

Price range: N24, 000 – N28, 000

Kenwood 2-In-1 International Blender with Grinder

Kenwood 2-in-1 international blender with grinder is for those who love cooking, especially for family and friends. You definitely need this blender as part of your kitchen tools in order to flaunt your kitchen skills. The blender comes with a powerful 1000W motor and strong detachable cutting blades made of stainless steel.

As an ambitious cook, this multifunctional blender helps you chop and pulse your fruits and foods to perfection. It is the perfect tool to make your culinary works easy. Another reason to fall in love with this blender is its detachable 1.5L jug that helps you achieve the right level of water. The blender also comes with an ice crusher that allows you to keep your drinks refreshing and impress your party guests with home-made cocktails.

Price range: N20, 000 – N25, 000

Kenwood 3 –In-1 Blender 1l & Smoothie- BL237

The BL237 is what you refer to as “small but mighty” in every sense of it. This blender looks small in size but comes handy especially when creating soup, sauces, and smoothies in seconds. It has a 350W motor with a 1 litre plastic goblet with stainless steel blades. It also comes with a two blending speeds, pulse function and a separate mill for herbs, nuts and coffee beans.

One key advantage of the Kenwood BL237 over other blenders is that it comes very handy in making smoothies. This makes it a must have for the fit FAM! The only disadvantage one can think of is its small size cup; which shouldn’t be a problem using the blender.

Price range: N22, 000 – N25, 000

Kenwood 4–In-1 Juice Extractor, Blender and Mill Grinder

I like to call this “the master blender”. The Kenwood 4-in-1 is everything a cook can ever wish for. If you love to have your blending done all in one place without wasting time no matter the cost, then this is for you. It can serve as your blender, mill grinder, and juice extractor. The design makes it the ultimate machine for your kitchen.

This “master blender” comes with a 1500ml capacity pulp, inbuilt safety system, 100ml capacity juice cup and 1000ml glass jar with AC220V-240V, 50HZ-60HZ (power capacity) that runs at 1000 Watts. The downside to this blender is that its grinder part can only handle dry foods. Another thing you might want to worry about is the glass jar. Aside from these two things mentioned, you definitely have to yourself a “beast in the kitchen”.

Price range: N43, 000 – N48, 000

Things You Will Like About Kenwood Blender

Kenwood blenders are among the best you will find in any market, not forgetting they are also a household name for those who know their kitchen tools. Hence, it is not surprising that they are one of the most sought after brands in the Kitchen Appliance Industry. Below are some of the reasons you should buy a Kenwood blender today:

  1. They are very efficient in carrying out all your blending duties.
  2. Kenwood blenders are relatively cheap when compared to other brands.
  3. Kenwood blenders are strong and durable
  4. As mentioned earlier in the article, they are also available in different types.
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