Best Generator Prices in Nigeria + Guide (Updated 2020)

Generators are still a household product in this part of the world, thanks to the erratic power supply. Nigeria, like other African countries, still depends on the use of generators for power supply. It is also one of the must-haves in order to run a successful business in Nigeria. The situation, sadly but truly, is pathetic as it has remained unchanged for long.

Therefore, it is not alarming when people search the internet for generator prices in Nigeria. Aside from the prices of generators in Nigeria, you also need to know the things to consider when buying a generator in Nigeria.

Best Generator Brands in Nigeria

The demand for generators remains on the high because of the unending epileptic power supply. Either at home or for your business, you cannot rely on the power supply of the power holders. So, it is totally normal for the availability of different brands of generator. And these brands, as expected, vary in sizes. From the regular “I pass my neighbour” generators to the company-sized generators.

The market for generators is large, hence, you might want to make decisions before heading to the market. Some of the stuff you should consider before choosing a brand includes product quality, durability, maintenance, fuel economy, how common it is among other things. Keep in mind all these factors before you settle for any brand. Here are some of the popular brands you will see in the market:

  • Honda
  • Elepaq
  • Elemax
  • Lutian
  • Thermocool (TEC)
  • Sumec Firman
  • Mikano
  • Tiger

The generator brands mentioned above are some of the popular brands available. Most of which have been around and trusted for years. This is not to say the brands not listed are not good, it is just being safe and sticking to what works.

Current Generator Price in Nigeria

These are the current prices of generator in Nigeria:

    Generator Buying Guide in Nigeria

    Aside from the price, you must understand that there are other things to be considered before buying a generator in Nigeria. You definitely don’t want to regret buying one because you missed the chance to know and consider some key factors.  Below are some of the important factors to consider:

    Power output

    It makes sense to be concerned about the power output of your generator since you are buying it because of similar reasons – power. A generator is of no use if it can’t power your needed appliances or gadget. Therefore, knowing the capacity of the generator you are buying is very important. You don’t want to always be in the dilemma of switching off some appliances for the other. It because a headache deciding what should go off and stay on.

    If you are the type with lots of appliances that consume a large amount of power, it is only reasonable to buy a generator big enough to power your appliances. To know the amount of power your appliances might consume, you should check the casing of the appliances. For instance, if your appliances consume about 4,500 Watts, you should be using at least a 4,500Watts (4.5KVA) power generator. To be on a safe side, buy a generator of about 5KVA or 6KVA.

    This is arguably the most important factor you should consider. Either for your home or small office, knowing how much power you need is very key. If you cannot calculate the amount of power you need, below are some of the usual Watts requirements:

    If you’re not so sure of your power requirements, here is a list of electrical gadget/appliances and their typical wattage requirements

    • Television: 300 watts
    • Refrigerator: 700 – 1200 watts
    • Freezer: 500 – 1200 watts
    • Washing machine: 1000 – 1200 watts
    • Laptop computer: 250 watts
    • Air conditioner: 1000 – 2000 watts
    • Microwave oven: 600 – 1200 watts

    Start option: Recoil vs. key-start vs. push-button start

    Deciding the start option should not be an issue at all. Though you might have little or no say on this, depending on your budget for a generator. For instance, if you are just looking to buy the small generator, you should expect a recoil start option. That is, the one which requires a rope and grip. For a slightly bigger option, you might have the luxury of choosing between the recoil or he key start. For some generator brands, you might have both.

    All in all, the start option is first a matter of your budget and then your convenience.

    Fuel: Petrol vs. diesel

    Typically, most small and medium-sized generators run on petrol. While the bigger ones run on diesel, though there are also exceptions. However, it is important to note that most generator users in Nigeria do so on petrol, especially for those who do so for their homes.

    Another thing that is worthy of mention is that most generators that run on diesel are costlier when compared to the ones that run on petrol. Generators that run on diesel emit more poisonous gases than those on petrol but, however, last longer than those running on petrol when properly maintained.


    This shouldn’t be must of an issue if it will be stationed at a spot. That is, would you have to move the generator every now and then? If it would be moved from time to time, you would definitely want something portable.

    The above are some of the factors to consider alongside your budget when thinking about the price of a generator in Nigeria.

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