Two-Handed Handshake

Two-Handed Handshake on kolmas bonuskappale Hold Steady-albumilta Stay Positive. Se löytyy CD: n limited edition-versiolta. Sen saa myös linkistä tehostetulta CD a Positive Rage-levyltä.


his two handshake
Says he ‘s so glad to meet you
His one silver earring
Says he Party on weekends
He churns through the channels
When he’ s watching the TV
He recites lines from movies
When he ‘s trying to be funny
Guys, it’ s like we ‘re not even trying
Yeah, she danced with that one guy
She must know we’ re watching
It seems like lose people
than were here just last weekend
she ‘s still pretty pissed
about her ex’ s New Trick
there were Stars
and glares and names
girls, you know you ‘ re not really helping
I don ‘t think that you’ ll find love
In some vessa at some club
I know some kids who didn ‘t come back
we had First Ave on Fridays
we’ re pirates at port
we go in and we get high,
Two at a time
we get drunk on the sports
we ‘re falling into bed
with our television
we’ re watching movies
That we ‘re already seen
Guys, it’ s like we ‘re not even trying
you dress like contesters
br>at some desparate paegent
you fall asleep in your makeup
you wake up with a blemish
you’ re making up your mind
about the drinks after work
it ‘ s so a gossipy office
Girls, you ‘re gonna find someone
You don’ t have to rush it
you ‘re too young to force your crushes
You don’ t have to rush it
you ‘re too young to fake your crushes
Guys, I’ m pretty sure that we can put it Back together
And girls, you gotta try to be nice to each other
I don ‘t think we’ ll get the truth
from kids with stickers on their boots
I know some kids who didn ‘ t come back
from the vaner painted black
we gotta try a little harder
We gotta be a little better
We gotta pull it Back together


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