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We often hear people refer to the world as a global village. What is, however, not discussed is how we are able to connect almost seamlessly. Computers are no doubt among the top must-have gadgets today, aside from phones. Either you own a laptop, desktop or tablet, they are very key to living in the modern world. In as much as it is part of the day-to-day lives of professionals, businessmen, etc. it is also important for personal use. It is arguably everywhere; at homes, schools or offices.

The computer is made up of different parts and the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is arguably the most important part. It is what drives the computer. Often times, it is regarded as the brain of the computer as it is what determines it’s functionally and efficiency.

Desktop Computer CPU Prices in Nigeria

Before now, CPUs weren’t much of a big deal. You could practically walk into any computer market and pick one without any worries. It is, however, not the same these days. Due to the increasing number of manufacturers and different types in the market, you will need more than just your money to buy one. You will need a bit of knowledge on how the CPU works; the process is more sensitive, delicate and a bit confusing.

All thanks to the increasing number of manufacturers, CPUs, like computers, come in different sizes, shapes and designs. It is important to note that all these CPUs also vary in some of its basic features; Random Access Memory (RAM) and other features.

In the course of this article, we would discuss some of the popular computer CPU brands, how much they cost in the present market and some of the factors to consider when buying a computer CPU.

Prices of Computer CPUs in Nigeria

The desktop market continues to be on the rise and it can only mean one thing for the CPU market; upward movement. The CPU, as earlier mentioned, is a vital part of the computer, so an increase in desktop computers equally means an increase in CPUs. The increasing number of manufacturers in the computer industry have made the market benefitted more with their variety of designs and quality. Unlike before, you might have a hard time picking a brand.

Like the desktop computers, CPUs are also in different designs, shapes, and sizes and also in operating system. It is not unusual to note that there are some household names in the computer market. These are the brands that have been around for years and have had their fair of the market dominance. However, the new brands coming into the market are giving the older ones a run for their money with unique high-tech designs and friendly amazing features.

The prices of computer CPUs varies, just like when buying desktop computers. This is because of the differences in sizes, capacities and overall functionally. That said, we compiled a list of some of the popular computer CPUs and their prices in Nigeria.

Dell Computer CPUs & Prices in Nigeria

  • Dell Vostro 3252: N150, 000 – N170, 000
  • Dell OptiPlex 3050: N150, 000 – N230, 000
  • Dell OptiPlex 5040: N290, 000 – N310, 000
  • Dell OptiPlex 7050: N350, 000 – N380, 000
  • Dell OptiPlex 3040: N200, 000 – N230, 000
  • Dell Precision: N300, 000 – N350, 000
  • Dell Inspiron 3650: N160, 000 – N250, 000
  • Dell XPs 8920: N450, 000 – N500, 000

HP Computer CPUs & Prices in Nigeria

  • HP 510 Intel Pentium J3 CPU: N148, 000 – N155, 000
  • Omen 580 Gaming Desktop CPU: N360, 000 – N400, 000
  • Envy 750 CPU: N250, 000 – N400, 000
  • Envy 700 CPU: N200, 000 – N250, 000
  • Elitebook 800 G3: N300, 000 – N370, 000
  • EliteDesk 705 G3: N120, 000 – N160, 000
  • Pavilion 500: N240, 000 – N270, 000
  • ProDesk 400 G4: N230, 000 – N260, 000
  • ProDesk 600 G2: N200, 000 – N230, 000
  • Z240 CPU: N250, 000 – N290, 000
  • Z230 Workstation: N320, 000 – N350, 000
  • Workstation XW4600: N120, 000 – N140, 000

Lenovo Computer CPUs & Prices in Nigeria

  • ThinkCenter M800: N280, 000 – N310, 000
  • ThinkCenter M900: N200, 000 – N280, 000

The above list are some of the prices of popular computer CPUs in Nigeria. Though the list only shows the estimate prices as gathered from our recent market research. In as much as it provides a clue of what your budget should look like, it is also advisable to confirm at the market before making final decisions. This is as a result of the fluctuating price of computer gadgets over the years.

The price changes are often determined by different factors that range from currency exchange rate, time of purchase and other related factors. It is important to note that some brands are considered as luxury brands while others are not. Hence, all these factors should be considered before buying a computer CPU. It is also advisable to buy trusted computer brands with good reviews.

Computer CPU Buying Guide

Aside from knowing the prices of computer CPUs, it is also important to consider some things before making a purchase. CPUs, like every other computer gadget vary in sizes, brands, shapes, types and class. Knowing the different spec available and how they suit your needs is very important.

The number of computer CPUs in the market cannot be overemphasized. The numbers are on the increase on a daily basis. It is easy to think there are no distinct differences between them, but you will be making a huge mistake. Even between same brands, there are a wide range of models to pick from. Here, we have created a short list of things to look out for.


A brand is everything when shopping for desktops computers or computer CPUs. It is not unusual to notice some brands have more reputation than others in the market. These are brands known over the years for producing reliable and strong CPUs. It is always advisable to go for the popular brands, though they might be costlier but worth it. They are also easily maintained or fixed if need be.


This is another important feature to consider when buying a CPU. It is responsible for the storage of program instructions and also determines the overall functionality of the CPU. Note, there are different types of cache. When buying a CPU, ensure you go for the one with a cache that suits your need.


The presence or absence of a warranty should go a long way in influencing the CPU you buy. It is always advised to buy products with warranty on them. This gives a hint on how trusted and reliable the brand of CPU you are buying is. Most of the popular brands come with a warranty. Pro hint: Always go for the ones with longer periods of warranty.

Consider CPUs that don’t bottleneck over components

The issue of bottlenecking is when a component of your computer is either too fast or slow for other components. When such situations occur, it will affect the overall functionality of the system. This is why it is always appropriate to buy exactly what your computer needs.

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